Saturday, 28 May 2016

Reasoning -1

1. Four boys are sitting on a bench to be photographed.  Ram is to the left of
Ravi, Raghu is to the right of Ravi. Rajan is between Ravi and Raghu. Who would be the second from the left in the photograph?
(a) Rajan (b) Reghu (c) Ravi (d) Ram
Answer: (a)

3. Which is different from others?
(a) Charity (b) Kindness
(c) Revenge (d) Love
Answer: (c)

2. In a code language, ORGANISATION is written as CBDWLQJWYQCL and
OPERATION is written as CXFBWYQCL, then how is SEPARATION coded?
Answer: (c)

4. If PAPER is called WOOD, WOOD is called STRAW, STRAW is called
GRASS, GRASS is called RUBBER, and RUBBER is called CLOTH, what is furniture made up of?
(a) PAPER (b) WOOD
Answer: (c)

5. Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful words in ascending order? 1.Yearly 2. Fortnightly 3. Monthly 4.Daily 5. Weekly
(a) 5,2,3,4,1 (b) 4,5,2,3,1
(c) 2,5,4,3,1 (d) 1,4,5,3,2
Answer: (b)

6. Which number is similar in property with the following number? 3,17,31
(a) 5  (b) 15  (c) 45 (d) 49
Answer: (a)

7. In a family, each daughter has the same number of brothers as she has
sisters and each son has twice as many sisters as he has brothers.  How many sons are there in the family?
(a) 2   (b) 3   (c) 4   (d) 5
Answer: (b)

8. Prema is bigger than Suma.  Suma is bigger than Manu.  Ravi is not as big
as Sanu but is bigger than Suma. Manu is not as big as Suma.  Who is the smallest?
(a) Suma (b)Prema (c) Ravi (d) Manu
Answer: (d)

9. 13 (168)13,14(181)13, 15(?)13
(a) 190  (b) 194  (c) 195  (d) 196
Answer: (b)

10. While boarding a bus 12 persons boarded before Pradeep and 10
persons boarded after Santhosh. If 13 persons boarded between Pradeep and Santhosh, how many have boarded the bus?
(a)37  (b) 35  (c) 25   (d) 27
Answer: (a)

11. Sudhi is taller than Karthy.  Karthy is taller than Biju.  Sandhya is taller than Shyam.  Shyam is taller than Karthy. Who is the shortest?
(a) Sudhi  (b) Karthy (c) Biju (d) Shyam
Answer: (c)

12. How my brother’s father’s wife’s brother’s son is related to me?
(a) Brother (b) Sister
(c) Nephew (d) Cousin
Answer: (d)

13. 4,16,4 is related to 2,4,2 in the same way what is related to 3,9,3?
(a) 6,9,6 (b) 9,81,9
(c) 9,27,9 (d) 9,18,9
Answer: (b)

14. Find the wrong number in the given series: 6,14,31,64,137,280
(a) 31  (b) 64  (c) 137  (d) 280
Answer: (b)

15. If WOMAN is coded as 12345 and SERVANT is coded as 6789450, then
VOTERS is coded as:
(a) 920786 (b) 902876
(c) 978206 (d) 972086

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