Monday, 9 October 2017

Quantitative Aptitude -1

1. A man goes from A to B at a uniform speed of 12kmph and returns with a
uniform speed of 4kmph. His average speed in kmph for the whole journey is:
(a) 8 kmph (b) 7.5 kmph
(c) 6 kmph (d) 4.5 kmph
Answer: (c)

2. Two-third of four third of a number is 80. What is the number?
(a) 72  (b) 80   (c) 90 (d) 64
Answer: (c)

3. 180 kg of mixture of milk and water contains 5% water.  How much more
water should be added to it so that water may be 10% in that mixture?
(a) 4kg  (b) 6kg  (c) 8kg  (d) 10kg
Answer: (d)

4. A does a work in 10 days and B does the same work in 15 days.  In how
many days they will do the work together?
(a) 5 days (b) 6 days
(c) 8 days (d) 9 days
Answer: (b)

5. The average age of 8 members of a committee is 40 years.  If an old member of 55 years retires and a new member of 39 years is admitted, what is the average age of the present committee?
(a) 39 years (b) 38 years
(c) 36 years (d) 35 years
Answer: (b)

6. The number of employees in Companies A,B and C are in the ratio 4:5:6 respectively. If the number of employees in the three Companies is increased by 25%,30% and 50% respectively, what will be the new ratio of employees working in the companies A,B and C respectively?
(a) 13:10:18 (b) 10:13:17
(c) 13:15:18 (d) 10:13:18
Answer: (d)

7. In a family the average age of father and mother is 38 years whereas the average age of father , mother and their only daughter is 28 years.  Then the age of the daughter is:
(a) 5 years (b) 6 years
(c) 8 years (d) 10 years
Answer: (c)

8. At what rate of simple interest, will the interest accrued on a principal of Rs.15625 in four years be Rs.7500?
(a) 8%  (b) 12%  (c) 10%  (d) 25%
Answer: (b)

9. At an election, there are only two candidates.  The candidate who gets 62% of the total valid vote polled is elected by a majority of 144 votes. The total number of valid votes is:
(a) 500   (b) 700   (c) 1000  (d) 600
Answer: (d)

10. The average weight of 25 members is 62 kg. If the average weight of the first 12 members is 60 kg and that of the last 12 members is 65 kg, the weight of the 13  member is:
(a) 50 kg (b) 62.5 kg
(c) 63 kg (d) 55 kg
Answer: (a)

11. At what rate of simple interest, a principal amount becomes three times in 20 years?
(a) 10%   (b) 20%  (c) 12% (d) 30%
Answer: (a)

12. Sunil, Sujith and Suresh started a , with their investments in the ratio 13:14:17.  If Sujith’s share in the total profit is Rs.3500, what is the difference between the shares of Sunil and Suresh?
(a)  Rs.400 (b) Rs.800
(c) Rs.900 (d) Rs.1000
Answer: (d)

13. The marked price of a radio is 20% more than its cost price.  If a discount
of 10% is given on the marked price, the gain percent is:
(a) 15  (b) 12   (c) 10 (d) 8
Answer: (d)

14. Mohan sold an item for Rs.798 and incurred a loss of 16%.  At what price should it be sold in order to earn 16% profit?
(a) Rs.1122 (b) Rs.1102
(c) Rs.1022 (d) Rs.1100
Answer: (b)

15. The age Rama is ¾ of the age of his brother.  If the difference in their age is 6 years, what is the age of Rama?
(a) 36  (b) 18  (c) 24 (d) 16

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