Friday, 7 October 2016


576. If BAD is related to YZW, then MAD  will be coded as:
(a) MNP                                                     (b) MNZ
(c) NZW                                                    (d) NWZ
Answer: (c)

577. The volume of a  cube is 2744 cubic cm.  Its surface area is:
(a) 196                                          (b) 1176
(c) 784                                          (d) 588
Answer: (b)

578. Complete the series: 169,144,121,___,81
(a) 90                                                            (b) 120
(c) 110                                                         (d)  100
Answer: (d)

579. My age is three times the age of my son ten years ago. If my son’s age is 23 years now , what is my age?
(a) 49                                                    (b) 39
(c) 69                                                     (d) 59
Answer: (a)

580. Find the missing term which will complete the series: 5,7,5,9,5,11,5,?
(a) 5                                                       (b) 13
(c) 10                                                     (d) 12
Answer: (b)

581.  If 2494 divided by 14.5 equals 172, then 24.94 divided by 1.45 equals:
(a) 0.172                                                (b) 1.72
(c) 17.2                                                   (d)  172
Answer: (c)

582. BD,EH,IM,NS,?
(a) UY                                                       (b) UZ
(c) TY                                                       (d) TZ
Answer: (d)

583. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5. What is the degree of the largest angle?
(a) 30                                                        (b) 45
(c) 60                                                        (d) 75
Answer: (d)

584. Water/Liquid as Stone/Solid as Air/?
(a) Atmosphere                                     (b) Gas
(c) Breath                                                (d) Vapour
Answer: (b)

585. Base and hypotenuse of a triangle are 8, 10 cm respectively.  Its area in cm:
(a) 80                                                        (b) 48
(c) 40                                                         (d) 24
Answer: (d)

586. Which among the following is the point of intersection of the medians of a triangle?
(a) Circumcentre                                     (b) Centroid
(c) Orthocentre                                        (d) Incentre
Answer: (b)

587. Bee : Honey :: Cow:?
(a) Milk                                                      (b) Milk product
(c) Ice cream                                            (d) Calf
Answer: (a)

588. The sum of two natural numbers is 8 and their the sum of their reciprockals is 8/15. Find the numbers:
(a) 3 and 5                                                (b) 2 and 6
(c) 1 and 7                                                (d) 4 and 4
Answer: (a)

589. If the letters of ZILBRA is rearranged, then we will get the name of a:
(a) City                                                      (b) Sea
(c) Country                                              (d)  Hill
Answer: (c)

590. If Rs.400 is invested at 10% interest per annum compounded half yearly. Then the amount  at the end of first year will be:
(a) 400                                                      (b) 484
(c) 480                                                      (d) 441

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