Sunday, 27 March 2016


331. In selling an article for Rs.76, there is a profit of 52%. If it is sold for Rs.75, the profit percent will be:
(a) 44 (b) 46
(c) 50 (d) 48
Answer: (c)
332. Which option is dif ferent from others?
(a) 1-1 (b) 7-49
(c) 5-125 (d) 9-729
Answer: (b)

333. Find the selling price of an article if a shop keeper allows two
successive discounts of 5% each on the marked price of Rs.80:
(a) 70.20 (b) 70.10
(c) 72.00 (d) 72.20
Answer: (d)

334. ‘Mother ’ is related to ‘Of fspring’  in the same way as ‘Tree’  is related to:
(a) Fruit (b) S tem
(c) Sapling (d) Root
Answer: (c)

335. A shop keeper claims to sell all of his articles at a discount of 10%,
but marks his articles by increasing the cost price of each article by 20%.  His gain on each article is:
(a) 8%  (b) 6%  (c) 10%  (d) 12%
Answer: (a)

336. Which one is different from others?
(a) Pagoda (b) Monastery
(c) Temple (d)  Mosque
Answer: (b)

337. A  120 m long train t akes 10 seconds to cross a man standing on plat form. What is the speed of the train?
(a) 20m/s (b) 10 m/s
(c) 15m/s (d)  12m/s
Answer: (d)

338. M is the brother of T. H is the sister of N. L is the brother of R. R is the daughter of T. C is the father of H. Who among the following is the uncle of L?
(a) M  (b) N  (c) C   (d) R
Answer: (a)

339. The least number which when divided by 12,15,20 or 54 leaves in each case a remainder 4 is:
(a) 540 (b) 544
(c) 536 (d) 2160
Answer: (b)

340. Rashit travelled 7 km eastward, then turned lef t and travelled 6km.
Again he turned lef t and travelled 9km. In which direction is he travelling now?
(a) South (b) East
(c) West (d) North
Answer: (c)

341. A property dealer charges 2% commission for selling a flat.  He
hands over Rs.35,280 to the owner af ter deducting his charges.  The flat was sold for:
(a) Rs.38000 (b) Rs. 36000
(c) Rs.40000 (d) Rs.36720
Answer: (b)

342. Paddy: Field :: Steel:?
(a) Factory (b) Iron
(c) Ore (d) Mine
Answer: (a)

343. Suresh pays 5% of his income as house rent. Af ter spending 60% of the balance, he has Rs.760 left. His income is:
(a) 1200 (b) 1 1 7 3
(c) 2000 (d) 1254
Answer: (c)

344. Select the odd one:
(a) Konark (b) Khajuraho
(c) Ellora (d) Nathu La
Answer: (d)

345. If the simple interest for 6 years be equal to 30% of the princip al, it will
be equal to the princip al after:
(a) 20 years (b) 30 years

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