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701. A water tank contains 5% salt by weight. ‘x’ litres of fresh water is added to 40 litres of tank water, so that the solution contains 2% salt. The value of ‘x’ is:
(a) 60                                             (b) 50
 (c) 40                                            (d) 80
Answer: (a)

702. Find the one which does not belong to the group:
(a) Elevator                                  (b) Typewriter
(c) Cooker                                    (d) Writer
Answer: (d)

703. Find the sum of first 50 natural numbers:
(a) 5050                                       (b) 5005 
(c) 9900                                        (d) 9050
Answer: (a)

704. CEBD: GIFH:: OQNP:?
(a) SRUT                                       (b) RUST
(c) SURT                                       (d) USRT
Answer: (c)

705. The sum of a two digit number is 8.  The number obtained by interchanging two digits exceeds the given number by 18.  Find the number:
(a) 26                                               (b) 80
(c) 17                                               (d) 53
Answer: (d)

706. Which is the odd one?
(a) PRT                                                     (b) QOM
(c) CEG                                                    (d)  IKM
Answer: (b)

707. The number of boys in a class is three times the number of girls.  Which one  of the following numbers cannot represent the total number of children in the class?
(a) 48                                                        (b) 44                        
(c) 42                                                        (d) 40
Answer: (c)

708. If ARID=32 then DEAR=?
(a) 22                                                        (b) 24                                           
(c) 26                                                        (d)  28
Answer: (d)

709. A certain number of  students decided to conduct a picnic and planned to spend Rs 96 on eatables. Four of them however did not turn up.  As a consequence the remaininghad to contribute Rs.4 each extra.  The number of
students who attended the picnic:
(a) 12                                                      (b) 16
(c) 24                                                       (d) 8
Answer: (d)

710. Find out the odd one:
(a) Toxic                                                (b) Venomous
(c) Poisonous                                        (d) Harmless
Answer: (d)

711. The least number added to make 7399 a perfect square is:
(a) 170                                                      (b) 151
(c) 27                                                         (d) 0
Answer: (a)

712. Pride: Lion :: Pack: ?
(a) Elephant                                          (b) Wolves
(c) Sheep                                                (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

713. A metal block having sides 10 cm, 15cm,30 cm has cut into equal cubes.  If the block is exhausted completely what will be the least possible number of cubes?
(a) 12                                                        (b) 24
 (c) 30                                                     (d) 36
Answer: (d)

714. In certain code CENTRAL is written as LARTNEC. How SEMINAR is written in that code?
 (a) RANIMES                                    (b) NARISEM
(c) MESIRAN                                     (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

715.One fourth percent of 180:
(a) 4.5                                                   (b) 0.045
 (c) 0.45                                                 (d) 45
Answer: (c)

716.Virtue: Vice :: Voluntary :?
(a) Vanity                                             (b) Valour
(c) Compulsory                                  (d) Flexible
Answer: (c)

717. A company hired salesman on a monthly salary of Rs.3000. In addition  to it, the salesman was entitled for 20% commission on the  monthly scale. How much sale the salesman should do if he wants his monthly income as Rs.10000?
(a) 35000                                                     (b) 50000
(c) 7000                                                        (d) 17500
Answer: (a)

718.Fill in the blanks with suitable number: 1,2,6,24,___,720,5040
(a) 120                                                         (b) 100
(c) 50                                                            (d) 168
Answer: (a)

719.A man spends 40% of his income for food and 50% for other expenses. If his monthly earnings is Rs.600, find the amount he spends for food:
(a) 3000                                                           (b) 2400
(c) 3500                                                          (d) 1800
Answer: (b)

720.Which of the following series obeys the rule ‘Number of letters skipped in between adjascent letters of two’?
(a) MPSVY                                                      (b) EHKMP
(c) DGJLO                                                        (d) XVRQOP
Answer: (a)

721. The total salary of headmaster and peon is Rs.14400.  The ratio between the salaries is 5:3.  Then their salaries are:
(a) 8000,6400                                               (b) 8600,5800
(c) 9000,5400                                               (d)10000,4400
Answer: (c)

722. Chocolate : Confectionary :: Wine:?
(a) Distillery                                                     (b) Brewery
(c) Mint                                                             (d) Bakery
Answer: (b)

723. An amount of Rs.2500 is deposited at 12% interest rate. The amount received after one year is:
(a) Rs.2800                                                  (b) Rs.2600 
(c) Rs.3000                                                   (d) Rs.2900
Answer: (a)

724. Which is the odd one?
(a) Musculine                                            (b) Effeminate
(c) Womanish                                            (d) Unmanly
Answer: (a)

725. A mother is 5 times as old as her daughter. In 15 years she will be will be twice as old. How old the mother at present?
(a) 20                                                          (b) 25
(c) 30                                                          (d) 35
Answer: (b)
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